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Hello, We love to surf and travel...

Originally from Southern California, our family has enjoyed exploring other countries and surfing other surf spots, breaks all around the world. After, decades of travel, we’d also argue about what was the best what to capture the memory of a specific surf trip and until now our energy has been invaine because we could never agree.

Today that’s changed, obviously a photo from a local photographer capture a surf breaks true potential is the ultimate travel gift, or souvenir. Well having 20 years of printing design and experience we decided to combine the 2 ideas into one unique concept. Surf Photography that you can wear, relive your surf experience, trip again and again in conversation while out and about, share with others your travels and experiences, recommendation and all around help travels of all kinds have a better trip while reliving your unforgettable and memorable surf trip. Also support local photographers each and every time you buy a tee a commission goes to a local starving artist.

Don’t see your surf spot?

Drop us a line and recommend a surfspot and we’ll get it up ASAP! feedback@spotshotz.com


Thanks the tee looks awesome! Nice enough for a little night on the town, lost in socal.

Ethan Johnson


What a great idea, I plan on getting a tee for every surf spot surfed!

Jason Wallace

Surf Travel

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